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BAO Systems offers our most popular, highly sought-after training courses in a self-paced learning format. That means our in demand training courses are now available on demand. No matter your time zone or busy schedule, you can now access the best training courses anywhere, anytime.

Go at Your Own Pace

Enjoy access to courses that enable you to learn at your own pace

Learn from the Best

Learn from experts and industry leaders with years of experience working on DHIS2

Make an Impact

Gain confidence viewing data for programmatic decision making, reporting and analysis to support your organization at a higher level

How does it work?

Take a Course

Take a course that helps you master a skill, build knowledge and gain experience. Our self-paced training allows you to learn at the speed that is right for you. This means you can spend more or less time on a topic depending on your learning needs and schedule. Our flexible self-paced learning allows you to start and stop as you need, and refer back to materials at any time. Find the right course for you by exploring our course descriptions.

Applied Learning Project

Each course includes hands-on projects to apply key concepts, maximize learning and gain practical experience. Once you've successfully completed the learning projects, you will earn a certificate for the course. With this practical experience, you will be able to make an impact in your organization right away.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish the course and the applied learning projects, you will earn a certificate that you can share with your employer and professional network.

Meet our expert instructors

and training team

Dr. Adebusoye Anifalaje

Chief Implementation Officer

Adebusoye “Busoye” Anifalaje is the Chief Implementation Officer at BAO Systems. He holds two master’s degrees and a PhD from The London School of Economics. Busoye is a seasoned informatics professional specializing in resource-constrained contexts. He has worked in leading the deployment of DHIS2 for various ministries of health and iNGOs in Africa, Asia, North America & Europe. His research interest lies in unpacking the role of information systems in improving governance structures for public health delivery.

Megan Kill

Project Implementation & Training Manager

Megan Kill is a Project Implementation & Training Manager at BAO Systems. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of North Dakota and her master’s degree in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2014. Megan has worked as a Data Manager on various research projects, developed a number of different online public health courses and tutorials, and has extensive experience in managing health information systems and DHIS2 implementations.

Rachel Zink

Training & Knowledge Specialist

Rachel Zink is the Training & Knowledge Specialist at BAO Systems. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in Education and International Development from the University of Cambridge. With her background and experience, Rachel has helped organizations and universities around the world with program design, process improvement and engagement. Rachel has extensive experience working in international education and development to maximize learning for individuals from all backgrounds and learning needs.

Tara Richards

DHIS2 Analyst

Tara Richards is a DHIS2 Analyst at BAO Systems. She completed her master’s degree in International Development at the University of Edinburgh and has over five years of experience working with DHIS2 teams. Tara has supported the development and deployment of various multi-country information system solutions through the facilitation of requirements gathering, system configuration and end user administrator training.

Ema Nightingale

DHIS2 Analyst

Ema Nightingale is a DHIS2 Analyst at BAO Systems. She completed her bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of St Andrews in 2020. Ema provides technical assistance in the DHIS2 implementation process, including client-specific system configuration, DHIS2 software testing and development, and ongoing client support. With extensive content writing experience, Ema also develops DHIS2 training materials and documentation.

Chase Freeman

Software Engineer

Chase Freeman is a Software Engineer at BAO Systems. He completed his bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the American University and years of experience working with DHIS2. Chase's web development background and international project experience lend themselves usefully to keeping DHIS2 up and running for multi-sectoral clients all around the world. Whether an information system depends on scaled-up mobile devices in the field, a decentralized team of surveyors, or an HQ staff, Chase will make sure every team has the technical infrastructure in place to see the project succeed through all phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to self-paced learning? 

Self-paced learning allows individuals to access course materials at the speed that is right for them. This means individuals can spend more or less time on a topic depending on their learning needs and experience level. Self-paced learning also has great flexibility, allowing individuals to start and stop as they need, and refer back to materials at any time. 

Once I start a course, how long do I have to finish the course? 

When you sign up for a course, you join a 6-month course: April through September or October through March. That means if you start a course in October, you will have access to complete that course through the end of March. Our access periods provide learners with ample time to complete the course, as many of our courses can be completed within 1-2 days.

How long does it take to complete a course? 

Many of our courses can be completed within 1-2 days, but the pace is up to you! Our self-paced courses give you the flexibility to complete the course at your own pace. Estimated completion times can be found under each of our course descriptions. 

What materials do I need for the course? 

We've got you covered! All the materials you need will be provided within the course. You just need your computer and a Wi-Fi connection.

What is the learning format? 

Our courses include recorded presentations, video demonstrations and hands-on practical exercises that give you a chance to apply what you're learning to an actual DHIS2 training server with sample data.

Can I access the course from my phone? 

Yes, Teachable offers an iOS app for Apple devices (currently available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices). Once the app is installed, you can sign into your account on the app and access all the course content on your phone. Your course progress is automatically synced between the app and your web-based Teachable account so you can easily pick up right where you left off. For more information about the iOS app, please click here. 

What course should I start with? 

This depends on your experience level and learning needs. If you’re new to DHIS2, we recommend starting with one of our essential courses like Aggregate Configuration or Aggregate Analytics. If you’re looking for advanced training, please check out our advanced training courses. Please click on a course for a full description of each course offered. 

Are there graded tests or assessments? 

Throughout the course, we offer a mix of ungraded and graded knowledge check questions to help you to assess your learning of key topics as you progress through the course. In addition, some sections include graded, hands-on practical exercises that give you a chance to apply what you’re learning to an actual DHIS2 training server. In the course, you will learn all the critical concepts, content and tools in order to successfully complete the exercises and earn your certificate. 

Do I need access to a DHIS2 server? 

We provide access to a DHIS2 training server so you can apply the concepts and features you learn in the course in a safe environment with sample data. 

What is the best browser to use? 

We recommend Google Chrome for your browser, as it is the best browser for the Teachable platform and the DHIS2 training server. 

I am having trouble logging into my account, what should I do?

For troubleshooting login issues, please click here for the support page

What if I need additional help with the course? 

Our courses include additional resources to further explore topics of interest or to seek additional support about a particular topic. We’re also happy to help! If you need additional help, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I contact the Training Team? 

If you have any questions about BAO Systems Training or our self-paced courses, please contact us at [email protected]

Additional questions? Please email us at [email protected]